Resolution of the North Atlantic Ports Association

Whereas the North Atlantic Ports Association represents all of the principal seaports in the states of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine;

Whereas our ports recognize the continuing challenges related to highway traffic congestion and increasing cost to meet capacity demands on our highway system;

Whereas this congestion has resulted in adverse impacts to the environment and higher costs to shippers, commercial truckers and the US consumer;

Whereas the existing and designated marine highway system is not fully recognized as an extension of our national transportation policy in the same manner as roads, rail, and airports;

Whereas the marine highway system is underutilized and would have a measurable positive impact on the cost of building and maintaining highways and related transportation infrastructure;

Whereas the marine highway provides safe and redundant capacity for the movement of goods;

Whereas the United States needs to integrate the marine highway system into its national transportation network, be it resolved that:

We the members of the North Atlantic Ports Association encourage our elected leadership and the US Department of Transportation to refocus their efforts and utilize existing federal programs in support of the rapid development of marine highway system to ease roadway corridor congestion, reduce infrastructure costs, provide for improved safety and security, and have a positive environmental impact to the benefit of the general public.

Be it further resolved that the United States, through its Congressional leadership and the US Department of Transportation, develop a National Ports Strategy.  Such a National Port Strategy should include a strong emphasis on the development and integration of the national marine highway system as part of our national surface transportation strategy, network and policies.  




Captain F Bradley Wellock

Executive Director

North Atlantic Ports Association Inc.

205 North Street

Walpole, MA 02081

(774) 357-9780

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